IDA Announced New Preferred Partner for Credit Card Processing

Nobody likes to pay bank fees associated with the convenience of accepting credit cards for payment of services, but everyone wants to provide the service to customers, especially those who have affinity credit cards and want to make all their purchases via credit. When the IDA Member Services Committee directed staff to solicit proposals for a credit card processing vendor for members a year ago, one of the key criteria was that the program net the most savings for members. TransFirst was selected by the committee and approved by the IDA Board of Directors for the job of saving members money.

If you have not been contacted yet by Eli Ginnis, Senior Account Manager, but would like an evaluation of your current processor compared to TransFirst, contact Eli at or 657-238-5162. One recent evaluation for a Dealer showed an annual savings of $15,000 and yet another showed an annual savings of $18,000! This is good news and the even better news is that Industry members can also take advantage of the fantastic rates that IDA Dealers are receiving. If your business accepts credit cards, it’s time to look into IDA’s preferred provider.